Dec 23, 2008

Mr. Penis at the Xmas Party:

I was invited to one of the air carriers Christmas parties. A quite attractive woman in her late twenties, pregnant, about 8 months was there. She started talking to me. I tried to get away but she just kept babbling away. Then she mentioned how her husband has neglected her for the past 5 months and how horny she is. Well Mr. Penis heard the word, 'Horny' and that was enough for him. I got a big bulge in my pants, it was noticeable. She said, 'You don't want to waste that hard-on do you?'
Well damn, we were off to a quiet spot where I rode the hump. My first pregnant screw job. I have to admit, it was great.
Mr. Penis was also happy.

Hello everybody,
Thank you for visiting my post.
Mr. Penis loves the attention.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday and a prosperous 2009.
I won't be posting anything new now until after New Years.
See you then.

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