Dec 2, 2008

Mr. Penis Wants You To Know.....

In response to some comments and inquiries on Mr. Penis losing his virginity, I have this to add.
Yes I did spend a lot of time masturbating, I still do, it's a man thing, real men do it!
When I was 13-years-old, this girl fourteen in the neighborhood asked me if she could pet my puppy. I said, 'I don't have a puppy, my mother wont let us have pets.' She said, 'Every guy has a puppy, lets go into the alley and I'll walk your dog.' Hey I was a little slow, but Mr. Penis knew what she was talking about, he reared his head up and bulged my tight Levi jeans. So we went into the alleyway, she started stroking it, and then all of the sudden stuck it in her mouth. That's when I got my first blowjob. I was biting my finger trying not to cum. But all the sudden it just went off, like a two-barrel shotgun. I thought I was going to blow the back of this girl's head out. She started choking and spitting, then she slapped me across the face and said, 'You stupid bastard, don't you know you're suppose to tell me when your going to cum?' I responded with a smile, and said, 'No this is my first one, do you wanna show me your boobs?' So she slapped me again. Damn I sure learned a lesson the hard way about women. But what the hell, Mr. Penis was so happy. I thought about her for weeks on end, and every time I did I Mr. Penis got hard and erect, and I had to find a quiet place to stroke him back to sleep.


Dancing the Night Away said...

This fucking BLOG is wonderful.
I don't believe sex tales from men, but even if this isn't true, it's still a great read!

Thanks for the entertainment.

Connie, formerlly of NYC said...

Hey ladies, this guy is a real cockhound.
I have had him.
He can spew the stuff to the ladies get them right into the sack.
But that meat he's packaging is the real thing.
I have never had a bigger one.
I can tell you he is better than a vibrator, because once inside it fills every corner of your deepness.

can you tell us? said...

So how man girls has mr penis had?