Dec 20, 2008

Mr. Penis Hates Cold Weather

It's damn cold here in New York, the weather is miserable.
Even Mr. Penis doesn't want to come out and play.
JFK is a zoo this time of year.

I worked a double shift, 16-hours, and I am just waking up.
I had a pee hard-on but Mr. Penis refused to let me pee before I satisfied him.
So I had to masturbate this morning.
I was just about to take a shower when this really fine black girl that I occasionally see called me up. She wants me to come over and stuff her stocking.
I am tired but since she offered to make up some hot coco, with hot soup, and a grilled cheese sandwich, I am carrying my tired butt over to her place.
After food, Mr. Penis will assume full responsibility for the best of the afternoon.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Holiday.
And, guys get laid whenever possible.

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