Nov 13, 2009

I am Back and Moving On....

Well my Asian squeeze sex toy is gone. I will miss her.
But I have been back in action and Mr. Penis is happy to get that variety. He has been so excited, more so that normal.

Last Wednesday was ladies night at the club, so I decided to go whole hog nuts, and I brought two stunning blondes home for play toys.

No they weren't sisters, but for record I have had a sister act before. These were just two gals clubbing together. One was 22 and the other 24.

So we had our foreplay, with oral on oral. This was followed by facials for both and making them lick Mr. Penis essence off each other and sucking him dry sharing of course.

After a quick recess and a hot 3-some shower, we were back at it.
I decided to give them a stacker pounding. That's when you put one girl on top of the other on the edge of the bed with both gals in a Y-spread formation, and rotate entry from one vagina to the other sharing Mr. Penis equally with two juicy wet holes.

Nov 6, 2009

More on my Squeeze:

We had a run for about 7-weeks but her father totally objected to her seeing me. So he put her on a plane and home she went. She was only 19 and although I really liked her, but I am not ready for any long term commitment, especially marriage.

This Asian tiny beauty was one of kind.

I taught her everything and every position imaginable.
She sucked Mr. Penis over and over but still couldn't get a lot in. Mr. Penis is big and even this lady's mouth was tiny with small succulent juicy lips. I did make her throw-up several times from either shooting my wad into her throat or just shoving her head down and holding it.
The best times were when I put her legs behind her head and jammed Mr. Penis into that wet vagina. The first time I thought I was going to tear her open all the way to her butt hole, but she survived screaming and squirming the whole time.
What a little sex toy she was.
I will miss her.
Oh, you Asian dudes, I have ruined her for you. No way you can keep up with Mr. Penis huge throbbing member. He's a real stud muffin who cannot get enough!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I got the H1N1 Flu, for me it was down for 10-days and a lots of chicken soup. NYC is a breeding ground for disease with all these useless ass immigrants. This place has become a cesspool of illegals and that stupid Michael Bloomberg fixes the race so they can vote. America is now the home of socialism and liberal scum. Sorry for the rant!

Hey, please follow my Blog.

Aug 5, 2009

My New Squeeze

I've been dating one lady steadily since my last posting. Yeah I know I said I'd never do that, but this one for some strange reason was special.
She is what some refer to as bone skinny. She was 5'-3.5”; 94 pounds; long silky smooth black hair; dark eyes; a perfect complexion, never wears make-up; round tight and I mean very tight ass; small tits but perfect nipples, long legs; and tiny hands.
This was not my typical choice for women.
Her father works for the UN, we met at the airport, she had lost her bags and was depressed, so I agreed to help her out.
We hit it off right away.
Once back at my place, she was shy and reluctant to proceed. I could tell she'd never been with an American before.
So I proceeded slow, but suddenly she put a tongue in my mouth that made Mr. Penis take immediate notice.
She could see the bulge in my pants, so she rub it, and I unzipped my fly and out shot Mr. Penis like a spring loaded dart.
She looked at how big it was, throbbing, and she pulled away quickly.
I took her small hand and placed it on Mr. Penis, she began to stroke him gently as I pulled her head down she resisted but gave in and began to suck and lick on Mr. Penis with vigor and gusto. Her tiny mouth having real problems with my huge cock both in length and girth (diameter), but she tried to satisfy me. She stopped and said I have never seen anything this big, please don't cum in my mouth. I pushed her head back down trying to get her to take more in but she began to gag.
Mr. Penis just got more excited, now she was using two hands.
So, I laid her down on couch, and masturbated all over her face. She was covered in my warm gooey essence.
She said softly no one ever did that before, can I please have a wet towel. Wow her first facial.....
Well more about this hot sexy babe later!

May 21, 2009

The Japan Connection:

Sorry, I haven't posted for sometime...
I just love these airline hostess.
Last week a group of fine Japanese ladies arrived at JFK.
I hooked up with one of them when I suggested while they were in town to stop by the club where I was working and I new I'd be on the door that night.
It paid off, two of them stopped by.
I let them in without a cover charge.
They left after about an hour but one gave me her room number and asked if I'd stop by when I got off, around 4:00am.
Airline hostess are either reserved because they are married or old, or banging one of the pilots or all of those reasons; or they are young and adventurous.
I like the latter and that's what this fine Japanese honey was all about.
I arrived around 6:30 am at her hotel near the airport.
She was all ready up getting ready for a day in NYC with her friends.
She said we didn't have a lot of time, so we didn't waste a moment.
It started off with us in the shower and her washing my body.
From there we were semi wet and on the bed and she was sucking my throbbing rod like there was no tomorrow.
I almost exploded twice but she new just when to stop and restart that engine.
Then she climbed on Mr. Penis and rode him hard surprisingly taking it in with little whining.
We both exploded at the same time.
She wanted to stop, but I said no way as I rolled her over for round two.
I had her in the doggie style entering her pussy from behind when I quickly pulled out, and shoved it up her tight butt hole.
She squirmed like a fresh caught fish out of water.
Wow what a ride.
I pumped her hard, she begged, I pumped her harder.
I gave her a second load of hot cum in her poop hole.
I wanted her to remember a real Italian American man.
She said she had never done that before.
I love those anal virgins.
Mr. Penis was quite pleased with himself and very satisfied.
I went back to my place and had a good uninterrupted 10-hours of sleep.

Apr 27, 2009

Tourist I Met at the Club:

Friday night I met two girls from down-under (Australia).
They stopped by at the club and I was working the door.
I let them in free, the doorman, that's me, has discretion on ladies only, and these two were foxes.
They stayed until the club closed and were pretty soused.
So I escorted them back to their hotel where they invited me up to their room.
Mr. Penis was very excited, a three-sum was in the works.
One girl was pretty gone but managed to hang on for round one. After some foreplay and oral sex, I pulled them to the edge of the bed and put one on top of the other in a spread eagle fashion as I stood upright and inserted Mr. Penis in each of their vaginas rotating it back and forth with each stroke and thrust.
Wow what a night.
Once the first girl dosed off the second little honey and I took a shower were she wanted anal sex and of course I obliged.
After that I went back to my place where Mr. Penis fell asleep.

Apr 24, 2009

My Jewish Lover:

Sorry, been lax on posting but I have been working long hours between JKF, my regular job; and my bouncer job at the nightclub.

Mr. Penis has had a good run lately.
Here is his story about a Jewish Girl from Chelsea.
Mr. Penis has been banging this cute redhead off and on who has really great firm boobs, erect nipples, and a super tight ass.
She is only 5'-1” and 100 pounds but what a little fuck she is.
The first time Mr. Penis climbed her bones she screamed like a child at her first haunted house trip. But Mr. Penis went ahead and bang her tight vagina anyway.
When Mr. Penis was done, she got up, ran into the bathroom holding her wet dripping pussy and yelling something in Hebrew.
She couldn't handle round two, and got dressed and left in a frenzy.
A few days later, to my surprise she called and wanted to come over. I had just got home from JFK but said sure why not.
Mr. Penis was getting excited after all that was one petite lady with a very very tight vagina.
She came over and I figured after the way she ran out last time I'd better get her loosen up some, so I offered her a glass of wine. She accepted.
After about two and half glasses she was ready and Mr. Penis was hard as a rock.
So after a few minutes of foreplay on my couch, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.
Undressed her and went down licking and sucking that tight twat until she came in my mouth.
I slipped on a lubricated ribbed condom and shoved it in gently as she tightened up light a hangman's nose.
I slowly began to rock her world and finally shoved all of me into her as she squirmed to get away I banged her hard and fast feeling my balls slap against her tight pussy. Then Mr. Penis exploded and I gently let her relax for a minute and and began to slowly withdraw.
She again jumped up, ran into the bathroom uttering something in Hebrew.
She then got dressed and rushed off like her father was coming through the door, or something.
Well, this happened three more times.
I still have no damn idea what the hell she is muttering and Mr. Penis doesn't care!
Yes, I will bang her again.
She's great.

Mar 30, 2009

I seem to be attracted to airline women....

I spent two days with another airline hostess. This one from Air France.
French girls have hairy legs and don't bath thoroughly.
But they sure can screw.
I sent this one back to JFK walking bow legged.
She said her sister was worked a different flight to Asia but if she ever got to New York she would have her call me.
I love it when they share.

Mar 19, 2009

I Had My First French Canadian Girl:

From rich older sexy woman to young hot horny babe.
I love these sexy things that visit the Big Apple looking for a fun time, because Mr. Penis is here to oblige.
This 19-year-old tall lanky hot long curly dark haired French gal from Quebec wanted to get laid so bad she started by sucking Mr. Penis off in the cab ride to my apartment.
I gave her a load that made her choke so much the cabbie had to pull over so she could puke in street.
Soon as she got to my place she was stripping her clothes off like a bitch in heat.
So of course, Mr. Penis banged her tight young vagina till she screamed but no mercy was given.
She loved Mr. Penis.
We had sex all night long with the typical male 30-minute break in between.
I think she was actually walking bow legged when she left.
Mr. Penis needed an ice pack.

Mar 16, 2009

I Been a Temporarily Kept Man:

You haven't heard from me in awhile because I was involved with this hot rich thing about 10-years-older than me.
She had me going.
Bought me all kinds of nice clothes, real Italian men's man clothing.
As a reminder, I am Italian.
I got two tailored made suits, two leather jackets, 3 pairs of shoes, pair leather gloves (this in NYC, it's cold here), two dress belts, 15 tailored made cotton shirts, 10 pairs of dress socks, silk robe, leather slippers, and a leather wallet all imported from Italy.
I also got some non Italian made items such as a new Rolex Watch, a diamond pinky ring, two 23 karat gold chain necklaces, 23 karat gold wrist band, and an Apple iPod Phone with a year paid in advanced on AT&T mobile carrier service. I also got a years subscription to my favorite health club and spa complete with working clothes and shoes.
We dined at the best restaurants with limo service all the time.
Yep, got all this for banging a babe that I probably would have boned for nothing.
Nothing though would have been a one timer.
Pay me like this and get the full service of Mr. Penis.
Anyway I moved on, she was pissed off, but she'll get over it.
Actually she caught me kissing this French girl from Canada. It wasn't anything, just saying goodbye after Mr. Penis left her climaxing till the full moon rises next month.
But that's another story, in fact the next story.

Feb 10, 2009

The Tourist:

Ah for the tourist that come to the Big Apple seeking fun you are welcomed to our fair city.
Well Mr. Penis is obliged to see that at least the attractive females get fun, after all all citizens of our great city are really just ambassadors to the world. New York as you know is home to the United Nations.
Now back to my story.....
I was shopping for some candy for Valentine's Day, relax ladies, it's for my mother, I am Italian and Italians are close to their moms.
Anyway, this very attractive older lady, about 35 stopped and asked me for directions. It is cold here, so we went inside for a coffee. One thing led to another and she never did get to her desired location but she did manage to get to my apartment.
There she met Mr. Penis.
They were both thrilled to meet one another.
She tool one look at the size of the meat and started backing up.
Slowly I turned, step by step until she was against the wall.
There I crab her and tongued her like she was a soft cup of yummy vanilla pudding.
Then I dropped her to her knees where I slowly put Mr. Penis into her juicy mouth.
She started sucking and licking and soon she took it well inside.
As I thrust it deep she pulled away and started choking.
I said, I got a cure for that as I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where I ripped her panties off and shoved Mr. Penis deep inside her wet pussy.
She started squirming but I held on like some horse was trying to throw me off.
I pumped her until screamed out loud like some banshee in the night and I let go my cum wad filling her hole with the essence of my young sperm.
She excused herself and went into the bathroom.
But Mr. Penis wasn't done with her yet, he followed her like a dog in heat.
There as she was getting off the toilet seat, she saw him big and erect again.
I drug her by the arm back to the bed where she got it really deep and hard and this time I pulled out and shot my load all over her tits.
We took a shower where I made her finish that blowjob she pulled out on.
Now she knows what it means to visit the Big Apple.
Just another satisfied tourist.

Feb 7, 2009

Irish Girls:

They like to drink and they like to screw.
Mr. Penis likes Irish girls.
I was introduced to one last night at the club.
She was with a bunch of other fine ladies so I took her to the storage room and she gave me a wing ding of a hummer.
She took all my cock in her mouth and was able to lick my balls at the same time.
I exploded and she swallowed it and then wouldn't let go.
She suck Mr. Penis dry.

Feb 3, 2009

Short Girl with Big Boobs:

At the club I picked up this really short little girl, about five foot tall with huge boobs.
Mr. Penis just couldn't resist, he tit fucked her and came all over her face and boobs.
Then she got it slow, deep, and hard.
She was perfect.
Small frame, a squirmer and moaner.
She loved my big cock.
Mr. Penis wants to see this one again!

Jan 31, 2009

Mr. Penis at the Airport Bar:

So I got off work the other day and stopped at the local Airport Bar Lounge. I like it there, a lot of international flight attendants will hang out there on their overnight before going over to the hotel.
Anyway, there was this Chinese gal from Singapore Airlines. What a doll, a real fox.
Met up with her.
She was a hottie I tell you.
At the lounge Mr. Penis took one look at her and got a fast rise.
I struck up a conversation with her, but she was really reluctant at first, so I turned on my charm and sex appeal.
It worked, I got her into the sack.
Wow Mr. Penis made short work of this very tight young Asian pussy.
She got all her holes drilled. Her butt was a virgin and she cried out for mercy but Mr. Penis said no and she finally took it like a good girl.
I later found her crying in the bathroom and ask her what was wrong?
She said she had a boyfriend back in Singapore and was ashamed at what she did.
I said, hey, if you were really sure about this guy, you would have never went to bed with me. Maybe this is just a sign for you two to move on. She smiled and said maybe you are right.
I gave her my phone number and also told her where I worked part time as a bouncer at the nightclub.
As I was walking out, she said, 'I never met a man who was so big and who could make love for so long.'
It made me feel good. Mr. Penis was pretty damn happy too.

Jan 26, 2009

Mr. Penis is in Full Recovery:

I finally got over my bladder infection.
Wow Mr. Penis is so happy.
He is almost constantly hard.
I started masturbating lightly Friday night and everything was ok.
Saturday I went over to an old flames apartment and banged her into till pure hunger and exhaustion set in.
I worked the nightclub Saturday night. There I picked up a trollop blonde little floozy with a sever case of silicone boobs, and a tight ass that said take me now I am yours.
I wet home with her and rock her cradle of love until Mr. Penis through in the towel.
Later, I got to get some sleep.
I am working the night shift at the airport today.

Jan 14, 2009

Mr. Penis Has a Cold

Yes, he got a bladder infection and now he's under the weather.
It's the first time he has ever left me alone.
So what does he do, he gets angry, and makes it hurt when I pee.
Damn that penis guy!

Jan 10, 2009

Another Party Story

Back in high school I dated this nice very well developed Italian girl the last 5 months of my senior year. We were at my friends place, parents away of course, and drinking some brews. She was always rubbing Mr. Penis, giving him lots of attention with hand-jobs, sometimes two a day. She was drinking and got kinda tipsy so she whispered to me wanna do it? I said, 'Yeah but not here.' She said, 'oh take me here it would be great.' So I unzipped my pants and took out Mr. Penis, she sat on my lap, and moved her panties over, and in it went. It took a little doing so no one would notice but at a party, people don't notice much. Once inside her, she sat on it, moving slowly as not to attract attention. Then I exploded inside her. She just raised up a bit, moved her panties back and went to the bathroom as I zipped up.
Great fuck she was. this was one of the few times I had sex without a condom.

Jan 8, 2009

My First Playboy Magazine:

I was at my father's work place when I was about 14. I needed to take a pee. So I used the Porta-John Toilet. Someone had left a playboy magazine there, so I took it. Once I was home, I went into the bathroom and began to look at the beautiful women. Mr. Penis was so excited. I masturbated twice before coming out. I masturbated a lot using that Playboy over the next year. When I was fifteen my father gave me a Penthouse magazine, he didn't know I had the Playboy, I kept it hidden. So I passed the Playboy to my younger brother and Mr. Penis began a new venture with my new Penthouse magazine.
There was a lot of masturbation going on in that house with three teenage boys there.

Jan 5, 2009

He Just Wouldn't Leave Me Alone

So I have today off.
Thought I'd sleep in.
Mr. Penis demanded attention, he won't leave me alone.
I masturbated before I went to sleep last night but it didn't help.
He woke me up several times during the night, so about 4:00 am I got up and masturbated again.
Didn't help. I just had to get up again early this morning. So here I am at my apartment in New York having a cup of instant coffee and Mr. Penis is hard again, so I am headed off to the toilet to relieve his anxiety attack, and may be just maybe I can go back to sleep.

Jan 2, 2009

Mr. Penis at the New Year's Party

Hello, it's 2009 and I am back.
Went to a pretty good New Year's party.
Mr. Penis had two girls.
Both were at the party. The first one was drunk so I took her out for some air, damn it was cold.
So back inside she was all other me. But she was falling down a lot so I sat her on the steps of the apartment building and Mr. Penis jumped right into her mouth. She was gagging but I shoved it in further. I saw that look in her eye and felt that tighten of the muscle and pulled out as she upchucked all over the place. Mr. Penis didn't miss a beat, as I grabbed her by the hair and shoved it back in her mouth. I gave it too her deep throat and she puke again. Once more I shoved it in, and she puke some more. Now there is a hell of a mess in the stairway.
So I picked her up over my shoulder and took her up a few flights, and pushed her facing the corner, lifted up her dress, moved her panties to the side and Mr. Penis slipped right in as I gave it to her hard letting a load that oozed out ever where.
Then when the party broke up, one of the girls who came with another guy and his girl, asked if she could come back to my place. Mr. Penis is very polite to lovely ladies, doing the big erect thing nudged my pants and indicated to me he was ready. So off we went for sex at my place. We only did it once, both of us were pretty drunk and tired, and fell asleep.
That morning I woke up and she was on top of me riding Mr. Penis to a climax of outer proportions.
We took a shower together, went to the diner, got some breakfast, and I put her in a cab and sent her to place.
Then I got ready and went to my parents for a spaghetti, meatballs, and sausage dinner where I made a pig of myself.
Unfortunately my first cousin announced on New Years Day he got engaged. So then I had to listen to my mother, remember we're Italian, constantly lecturing me about when I was going to get marred, settle down, and give her some grandchildren.