Mar 16, 2009

I Been a Temporarily Kept Man:

You haven't heard from me in awhile because I was involved with this hot rich thing about 10-years-older than me.
She had me going.
Bought me all kinds of nice clothes, real Italian men's man clothing.
As a reminder, I am Italian.
I got two tailored made suits, two leather jackets, 3 pairs of shoes, pair leather gloves (this in NYC, it's cold here), two dress belts, 15 tailored made cotton shirts, 10 pairs of dress socks, silk robe, leather slippers, and a leather wallet all imported from Italy.
I also got some non Italian made items such as a new Rolex Watch, a diamond pinky ring, two 23 karat gold chain necklaces, 23 karat gold wrist band, and an Apple iPod Phone with a year paid in advanced on AT&T mobile carrier service. I also got a years subscription to my favorite health club and spa complete with working clothes and shoes.
We dined at the best restaurants with limo service all the time.
Yep, got all this for banging a babe that I probably would have boned for nothing.
Nothing though would have been a one timer.
Pay me like this and get the full service of Mr. Penis.
Anyway I moved on, she was pissed off, but she'll get over it.
Actually she caught me kissing this French girl from Canada. It wasn't anything, just saying goodbye after Mr. Penis left her climaxing till the full moon rises next month.
But that's another story, in fact the next story.

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