Feb 10, 2009

The Tourist:

Ah for the tourist that come to the Big Apple seeking fun you are welcomed to our fair city.
Well Mr. Penis is obliged to see that at least the attractive females get fun, after all all citizens of our great city are really just ambassadors to the world. New York as you know is home to the United Nations.
Now back to my story.....
I was shopping for some candy for Valentine's Day, relax ladies, it's for my mother, I am Italian and Italians are close to their moms.
Anyway, this very attractive older lady, about 35 stopped and asked me for directions. It is cold here, so we went inside for a coffee. One thing led to another and she never did get to her desired location but she did manage to get to my apartment.
There she met Mr. Penis.
They were both thrilled to meet one another.
She tool one look at the size of the meat and started backing up.
Slowly I turned, step by step until she was against the wall.
There I crab her and tongued her like she was a soft cup of yummy vanilla pudding.
Then I dropped her to her knees where I slowly put Mr. Penis into her juicy mouth.
She started sucking and licking and soon she took it well inside.
As I thrust it deep she pulled away and started choking.
I said, I got a cure for that as I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where I ripped her panties off and shoved Mr. Penis deep inside her wet pussy.
She started squirming but I held on like some horse was trying to throw me off.
I pumped her until screamed out loud like some banshee in the night and I let go my cum wad filling her hole with the essence of my young sperm.
She excused herself and went into the bathroom.
But Mr. Penis wasn't done with her yet, he followed her like a dog in heat.
There as she was getting off the toilet seat, she saw him big and erect again.
I drug her by the arm back to the bed where she got it really deep and hard and this time I pulled out and shot my load all over her tits.
We took a shower where I made her finish that blowjob she pulled out on.
Now she knows what it means to visit the Big Apple.
Just another satisfied tourist.

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