Apr 27, 2009

Tourist I Met at the Club:

Friday night I met two girls from down-under (Australia).
They stopped by at the club and I was working the door.
I let them in free, the doorman, that's me, has discretion on ladies only, and these two were foxes.
They stayed until the club closed and were pretty soused.
So I escorted them back to their hotel where they invited me up to their room.
Mr. Penis was very excited, a three-sum was in the works.
One girl was pretty gone but managed to hang on for round one. After some foreplay and oral sex, I pulled them to the edge of the bed and put one on top of the other in a spread eagle fashion as I stood upright and inserted Mr. Penis in each of their vaginas rotating it back and forth with each stroke and thrust.
Wow what a night.
Once the first girl dosed off the second little honey and I took a shower were she wanted anal sex and of course I obliged.
After that I went back to my place where Mr. Penis fell asleep.

Apr 24, 2009

My Jewish Lover:

Sorry, been lax on posting but I have been working long hours between JKF, my regular job; and my bouncer job at the nightclub.

Mr. Penis has had a good run lately.
Here is his story about a Jewish Girl from Chelsea.
Mr. Penis has been banging this cute redhead off and on who has really great firm boobs, erect nipples, and a super tight ass.
She is only 5'-1” and 100 pounds but what a little fuck she is.
The first time Mr. Penis climbed her bones she screamed like a child at her first haunted house trip. But Mr. Penis went ahead and bang her tight vagina anyway.
When Mr. Penis was done, she got up, ran into the bathroom holding her wet dripping pussy and yelling something in Hebrew.
She couldn't handle round two, and got dressed and left in a frenzy.
A few days later, to my surprise she called and wanted to come over. I had just got home from JFK but said sure why not.
Mr. Penis was getting excited after all that was one petite lady with a very very tight vagina.
She came over and I figured after the way she ran out last time I'd better get her loosen up some, so I offered her a glass of wine. She accepted.
After about two and half glasses she was ready and Mr. Penis was hard as a rock.
So after a few minutes of foreplay on my couch, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.
Undressed her and went down licking and sucking that tight twat until she came in my mouth.
I slipped on a lubricated ribbed condom and shoved it in gently as she tightened up light a hangman's nose.
I slowly began to rock her world and finally shoved all of me into her as she squirmed to get away I banged her hard and fast feeling my balls slap against her tight pussy. Then Mr. Penis exploded and I gently let her relax for a minute and and began to slowly withdraw.
She again jumped up, ran into the bathroom uttering something in Hebrew.
She then got dressed and rushed off like her father was coming through the door, or something.
Well, this happened three more times.
I still have no damn idea what the hell she is muttering and Mr. Penis doesn't care!
Yes, I will bang her again.
She's great.