May 21, 2009

The Japan Connection:

Sorry, I haven't posted for sometime...
I just love these airline hostess.
Last week a group of fine Japanese ladies arrived at JFK.
I hooked up with one of them when I suggested while they were in town to stop by the club where I was working and I new I'd be on the door that night.
It paid off, two of them stopped by.
I let them in without a cover charge.
They left after about an hour but one gave me her room number and asked if I'd stop by when I got off, around 4:00am.
Airline hostess are either reserved because they are married or old, or banging one of the pilots or all of those reasons; or they are young and adventurous.
I like the latter and that's what this fine Japanese honey was all about.
I arrived around 6:30 am at her hotel near the airport.
She was all ready up getting ready for a day in NYC with her friends.
She said we didn't have a lot of time, so we didn't waste a moment.
It started off with us in the shower and her washing my body.
From there we were semi wet and on the bed and she was sucking my throbbing rod like there was no tomorrow.
I almost exploded twice but she new just when to stop and restart that engine.
Then she climbed on Mr. Penis and rode him hard surprisingly taking it in with little whining.
We both exploded at the same time.
She wanted to stop, but I said no way as I rolled her over for round two.
I had her in the doggie style entering her pussy from behind when I quickly pulled out, and shoved it up her tight butt hole.
She squirmed like a fresh caught fish out of water.
Wow what a ride.
I pumped her hard, she begged, I pumped her harder.
I gave her a second load of hot cum in her poop hole.
I wanted her to remember a real Italian American man.
She said she had never done that before.
I love those anal virgins.
Mr. Penis was quite pleased with himself and very satisfied.
I went back to my place and had a good uninterrupted 10-hours of sleep.

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