Aug 5, 2009

My New Squeeze

I've been dating one lady steadily since my last posting. Yeah I know I said I'd never do that, but this one for some strange reason was special.
She is what some refer to as bone skinny. She was 5'-3.5”; 94 pounds; long silky smooth black hair; dark eyes; a perfect complexion, never wears make-up; round tight and I mean very tight ass; small tits but perfect nipples, long legs; and tiny hands.
This was not my typical choice for women.
Her father works for the UN, we met at the airport, she had lost her bags and was depressed, so I agreed to help her out.
We hit it off right away.
Once back at my place, she was shy and reluctant to proceed. I could tell she'd never been with an American before.
So I proceeded slow, but suddenly she put a tongue in my mouth that made Mr. Penis take immediate notice.
She could see the bulge in my pants, so she rub it, and I unzipped my fly and out shot Mr. Penis like a spring loaded dart.
She looked at how big it was, throbbing, and she pulled away quickly.
I took her small hand and placed it on Mr. Penis, she began to stroke him gently as I pulled her head down she resisted but gave in and began to suck and lick on Mr. Penis with vigor and gusto. Her tiny mouth having real problems with my huge cock both in length and girth (diameter), but she tried to satisfy me. She stopped and said I have never seen anything this big, please don't cum in my mouth. I pushed her head back down trying to get her to take more in but she began to gag.
Mr. Penis just got more excited, now she was using two hands.
So, I laid her down on couch, and masturbated all over her face. She was covered in my warm gooey essence.
She said softly no one ever did that before, can I please have a wet towel. Wow her first facial.....
Well more about this hot sexy babe later!

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