Jan 2, 2009

Mr. Penis at the New Year's Party

Hello, it's 2009 and I am back.
Went to a pretty good New Year's party.
Mr. Penis had two girls.
Both were at the party. The first one was drunk so I took her out for some air, damn it was cold.
So back inside she was all other me. But she was falling down a lot so I sat her on the steps of the apartment building and Mr. Penis jumped right into her mouth. She was gagging but I shoved it in further. I saw that look in her eye and felt that tighten of the muscle and pulled out as she upchucked all over the place. Mr. Penis didn't miss a beat, as I grabbed her by the hair and shoved it back in her mouth. I gave it too her deep throat and she puke again. Once more I shoved it in, and she puke some more. Now there is a hell of a mess in the stairway.
So I picked her up over my shoulder and took her up a few flights, and pushed her facing the corner, lifted up her dress, moved her panties to the side and Mr. Penis slipped right in as I gave it to her hard letting a load that oozed out ever where.
Then when the party broke up, one of the girls who came with another guy and his girl, asked if she could come back to my place. Mr. Penis is very polite to lovely ladies, doing the big erect thing nudged my pants and indicated to me he was ready. So off we went for sex at my place. We only did it once, both of us were pretty drunk and tired, and fell asleep.
That morning I woke up and she was on top of me riding Mr. Penis to a climax of outer proportions.
We took a shower together, went to the diner, got some breakfast, and I put her in a cab and sent her to place.
Then I got ready and went to my parents for a spaghetti, meatballs, and sausage dinner where I made a pig of myself.
Unfortunately my first cousin announced on New Years Day he got engaged. So then I had to listen to my mother, remember we're Italian, constantly lecturing me about when I was going to get marred, settle down, and give her some grandchildren.