Jan 31, 2009

Mr. Penis at the Airport Bar:

So I got off work the other day and stopped at the local Airport Bar Lounge. I like it there, a lot of international flight attendants will hang out there on their overnight before going over to the hotel.
Anyway, there was this Chinese gal from Singapore Airlines. What a doll, a real fox.
Met up with her.
She was a hottie I tell you.
At the lounge Mr. Penis took one look at her and got a fast rise.
I struck up a conversation with her, but she was really reluctant at first, so I turned on my charm and sex appeal.
It worked, I got her into the sack.
Wow Mr. Penis made short work of this very tight young Asian pussy.
She got all her holes drilled. Her butt was a virgin and she cried out for mercy but Mr. Penis said no and she finally took it like a good girl.
I later found her crying in the bathroom and ask her what was wrong?
She said she had a boyfriend back in Singapore and was ashamed at what she did.
I said, hey, if you were really sure about this guy, you would have never went to bed with me. Maybe this is just a sign for you two to move on. She smiled and said maybe you are right.
I gave her my phone number and also told her where I worked part time as a bouncer at the nightclub.
As I was walking out, she said, 'I never met a man who was so big and who could make love for so long.'
It made me feel good. Mr. Penis was pretty damn happy too.

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