Jan 10, 2009

Another Party Story

Back in high school I dated this nice very well developed Italian girl the last 5 months of my senior year. We were at my friends place, parents away of course, and drinking some brews. She was always rubbing Mr. Penis, giving him lots of attention with hand-jobs, sometimes two a day. She was drinking and got kinda tipsy so she whispered to me wanna do it? I said, 'Yeah but not here.' She said, 'oh take me here it would be great.' So I unzipped my pants and took out Mr. Penis, she sat on my lap, and moved her panties over, and in it went. It took a little doing so no one would notice but at a party, people don't notice much. Once inside her, she sat on it, moving slowly as not to attract attention. Then I exploded inside her. She just raised up a bit, moved her panties back and went to the bathroom as I zipped up.
Great fuck she was. this was one of the few times I had sex without a condom.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate I was married to an Italian girl.