Dec 10, 2008

Mr. Penis Keeps Calling Me:

It was back in my high school years. I wanted a BJ from this girl. She agreed but said hay don't cum in my mouth. I said, 'sure no problem.' She said, 'YOU promise now, you will not cum in my mouth.' Again, I said, 'Yes baby I wont cum in you mouth.' So she started stroking it, I took her by the back of the head, and she went down on it sucking, licking, and slurping away. Suddenly Mr. Penis exploded, she pulled out, cum dripping from her mouth the rest shot all over her face. She said. 'You bastard, you bastard you promised you wouldn't cum in my mouth.' I simply replied, 'Yeah but it was Mr. Penis, he didn't promise.' I smiled zipped up my pants and walked away with her standing there!
I'm telling you that damn Mr. Penis makes me lie.

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