Dec 22, 2008

Mr. Penis Meets All Kinds of Women

So working at the club Saturday night, I picked up this woman at closing. A real hottie to look at. We went back to my place. She wanted to take a shower before getting into bed. When she came out wearing just one of my towels she walks over to the light and turns it off leaving only the bathroom light on. I was all ready in bed. She immediately started going down on Mr. Penis. Well into the oral act, she stops, turns around and mounts me so she is facing away toward the opposite wall. She started riding it like it was her last ride to nowhere land. Wow she made Mr. Penis explode. She just gets up and runs into the bathroom and pukes her guts out. I am thinking WTF. So I asked her what's up. She said, 'Sorry, I never look at a guy when I ma having sex, I hate men.'
So I am a little piss, and she starts getting dressed to go home as nothing happened.
So Mr. Penis is ready for round two.
So I come up from behind her and say, 'It's ok, we all have some type of hang-up.'
So I throw her onto the bed face down, and start pounded her from behind. She is squirming.
I stop, but don't let her up.
I reach for the KY Lube, slap some on Mr. Penis.
Change her position to dogie on the bed.
I shove it up her butt hole. She is really squirming now, begging me to stop but I pound her harder and harder.
I slap her ass a few times and tell her to STFU.
She settles down and I start pounding her hard and deep while pulling on her boobs.
Mr. Penis explodes his wad into her tight poop chute hole and I pull out and go straight into the shower.
She comes in and says, 'What was that all about?' I reply, 'What was what all about?'
She says, 'That last minute fucking my ass before I leave you bastard.'
I simply said, 'If you're gonna hate men, then I want to be at the top of your list (now I am laughing). I hear her stomping out, peek out of the shower, and hear the my apartment door slam shut.
Oh well, Mr. Penis was satisfied.
He was ready for sleepy time and so was I.

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