Nov 30, 2008

Mr. Penis Riding Public Transportation

A few months ago, it's raining like hell, so I decided to take the subway versus a cab. It was crowded, standing room only. At the next stop this babe gets on with a really tight butt and finely developed big boobs. She just had to get in front of me with her tight butt facing Mr. Penis. Sure enough he raised his ugly head and as the subway car rocked on the turns, he protruded into bumping her butt, strictly by accident of course. She new what was going on but ignored the situation. Soon as I reached my stopped, I had to rush over to the restrooms and masturbate. That damn Mr. Penis just wont behave himself in public.

1 comment:

keep those crazy post coming said...

I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.
I hope all your escapes are this funny.
You're on my reading list.