Nov 23, 2008

Me versus Mr. Penis

More about me, yeah, yeah, but I now you're really curious, especially you lovely ladies out there.
My real name is Tony D.
I am also known as (aKa)...
Big Tony (club girls gave me this name)
The Virgin Killer (from my high school days)
Tony No Neck (From my heavy weight lifting my shoulders sorta have merged into my neck which is also huge. Hey ladies everything on this hulk perfect body is huge.)

I am 5'-11'', 245 pounds, a weight lifter.
I wrestled in high school, did some drama in a few school plays, some male modeling, and now I work at JFK as a cargo handler. I also work part time as a bouncer.
Yes, it really is big, 7.5” but the girth (diameter is a real vaginal spreader)

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