Nov 28, 2008

Mr. Penis is on the job

I work at JFK. I was doing cargo in the International terminal last week and having lunch in the passenger terminal area. This flight attendant from a foreign carrier walks by, gives me the look. Mr. Penis jumps to attention like it's the first time he's seen a broad in a skirt, I'm thinking WTF. I had to cut lunch short and head to the men's room for some one on hand consultation with Mr. Penis. When I walked out there she was standing there waiting, she gave me her name and motel, close to the airport. I told Mr. Penis he would have to wait until I got off work. Then I headed over to her motel and slipped her some Italian salami.

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time well spent said...

I spent time reading all these blog post of yours, they are flipping ass hilarious, major kudos to you.