Nov 29, 2008

How Mr. Penis Lost His Virginity

I was about 11-years-old. There was a fire in the neighborhood, so the neighbors took the victims in till they could get resettled. My mother took in a 13-year-old Italian girl. Not remembering we had a female in the house, I had two younger brothers, I left the bathroom door open and she saw me. She looked right at Mr. Penis (I was well endowed even at that age), and he jumped to attention like he just joined the Marine Corps.
Next thing I knew she walked in and started playing with it.
It exploded, I didn't know what to do, I was in a panic thinking if my mother catches us she'll beat me with her big wooden spoon.
But Mr. Penis didn't care, he was throbbing and spilling his guts out all over the place.
That's when I learned Mr. Penis had a mind of his own.


Enjoy it while you're young said...

This is one of the very BEST blogs I have read in a long long long time.
It is very interesting and funny.
You my Italian friend make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

that's a good one, men will love it

do you have a follow up related story

I'm a Funny Guy said...

Surfing Google Blogs, came upon this...
maybe I should rephrase that!

So after this what did you do,
spend a lot of time in the bathroom with Daddy's Playboys masturbating?