Nov 25, 2008

Mr. Penis on the Job

So a few weeks ago, I am working the door at this major club and this hot blond wants to get in. The manager allows us to rotate the door position and each bouncer gets to let in one single unattached hot babe of his choice. I take one look at her and Mr. Penis is up and ready to go. So she is drooling over me and wants to get in really bad but I am thinking na fugg-it let her wait I am working this gig to make some money, and at the door the rich boys slip you 'hundred' to let them in. But Mr. Penis is throbbing now and I can't stand it any longer, so I whisper in the girl's ear, 'Side Alley.' She immediately responds, 'Yes!' So I tell another guy that I need to take a leak and fill in for me for a few minutes, he smiles, and says, 'Go for it.' So I take this chick out back and Mr. Penis can hardly wait to get out and going. She takes one look at the big stud and backs up. Then she starts stroking it. I said, 'Hey it's not a handjob admission, it's a gate admission.' So she smiles and pulls up her mini skirt, she's going commando style, that makes it easier, so I slip in Mr. Penis, he is so excited, she is so wet.
Oh My God:
boda bing boda boom boda bing
So you'd think Mr. Penis would be satisfied, but as I walked back to my door position, there was another hot chick and he's standing at attention like it's been a month since he's had any.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO, great blog..